Welcome to the PRE-LAUNCH of your John 17 Inter-Denominational Bible Study. Our launch date is Sunday, March 5, if the Lord tarries.

In a nutshell, the Christian Faith and witness of Jesus Christ will be much more effective when we elevate our love for Him above our relatively petty and insignificant differences within the Ekklesia, the Body of Jesus Christ. In John 17, in what many have dubbed, His High Priestly Prayer, Jesus is begging and beseeching us to live in unity, just as He and His Father live in unity.

This is an extremely high bar, for many reasons. Nevertheless, since our Savior, Lord and Master requires it of us, we are obligated to explore all that we must do to honor His expressed desire. This is the central mandate of J17IDBS. The greatest obstacle to unity is you and me. No devil in hell can prevent unity in the Ekklesia, the Body of Christ, when pleasing Him becomes our constant obsession. This vision is elaborated on another section of this site and will appear SOON!

You will want to bookmark this site, as it will be our primary channel of communication for all things concerning this Ministry.

What You Will Find On This Site Will Include:

  1.  Detailed Analysis of Barriers to Unity and How to Overcome Them
  2. Denominational Differences identified & Rated, with a running rejection/acceptance poll of registered members
  3. Expanding List of Bible Teachers from different Denominations.
  4. All Zoom and other digital platform links for each event
  5. Projected Bible Study Topics and schedule
  6. Links to all past Bible Study Events
  7. Previews on all future Bible Studies
  8. Forum for discussion of all concluded Bible Study Events
  9. Opportunity to financially support this Ministry subject to strict disclosure of Expenditure and required Income. Membership has its privileges and responsibilities. A subscription of $10/year is requestesd
  10. Personal Testimonies of how God has been using J17IDBS to positively impact your life
  11. Discipleship Training pursuant to the Matthew 28:19-20 mandate